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Dog Brush | Clean Dog using Brush Buddy | The Ultimate Dog Cleaner & Dog Massage Towel - | The Brush Buddy


Most dog owners don’t realize how important it is to brush their dog. Just as we need to have the proper hygiene, brushing your dog affects their health in a positive way.

Tangles and mats can be quite irritating and painful, but brushing allows you to remove these and help understand their bodies a bit more. We want to be as informative as possible, so you will find all the necessary information right here.


Furminator Double Edge Tool

The Furminator double edge tool is used for de-shedding purposes. It utilizes twin blades to remove loose hair and provide your dog with a shiny coat. The Furminator can also reduce the shedding problems in your home, which makes it easier to clean. Plus, if someone in your household is allergic to dog hair, the Furminator double edge tool can help control the situation.

Many dog owners have used brushes, rakes, and even combs to de-shed their pets, but the Furminator provides a more efficient way to de-shed your dog. It comes with two, 2.65 inch blades, but not for cutting purposes. The blades are specifically designed to grab hair and remove it as opposed to cutting it out. Shedding tools like the Furminator double edge tool will not cause your dog any pain. Also, their coats will never be damaged.

When the Furminator is used on a consistent basis, it can reduce shedding by as much as 90%. It also promotes healthier skin, because your dog’s natural oils will come out after each use. The amount of times you use the Furminator double edge tool on your dog, depends on the breed. Each dog has a different coat of hair. Some coats are silky, some are thick, and others might have a coarse texture. The Furminator works on long and short-haired breeds and it can get rid of hairballs in cats.

Without the proper de-shedding, your pet can end up with mats and tangles. Over time, a mat can become so tight; it ends up pinching your dog’s skin. This can be a very painful experience, and eventually affect their health. The Furminator double edge tool can eliminate this issue when used consistently. In the end, it’s the best way to control your pet’s shedding issues and keep everyone in the household healthy.

Furminator Large Yellow Defurring Tool

We all want our pets to be healthy. The Furminator large yellow defurring tool can provide you with the necessary help to keep your pet’s skin and health at an optimum level. The Furminator works with both long and short-haired dogs and cats. When loose hair from their undercoat needs to be removed, this defurring tool uses four-inch stainless steel edges to get the job done quickly and easily.

The first time you use the Furminator large yellow defurring tool, it will decrease the dog or cat’s shedding by up to 90 percent. This typically lasts 4 to 6 weeks before another defurring session needs to take place. The end result is a shiny and healthy topcoat, and a pet that loves the way it feels.

What happens if you don’t use a Furminator large yellow defurring tool?

If you decide to use a brush, comb, or any other grooming tool, the amount of de-shedding will be smaller. The house will still have loose hairs on the furniture, carpet, bed, and anywhere else your pet tends to be. Since this tool offers up to 90% de-shedding benefits, it can keep your house looking nice and keep your pet from being in pain.

When a defurring tool is not used, your pet’s hair could get tangled and begin to mat. In the beginning it doesn’t seem like a huge issue, but over time it can become quite painful. Mats can start pinching the skin of your pet, which creates excruciating pain. Unfortunately, owners don’t realize it unless they frequently brush or defur their pet. Using the Furminator large yellow defurring tool can provide the benefits you seek.

This grooming tool never cuts or tears the skin of your dog. When first using the Furminator, take the time to introduce it to your pet. Once they become more comfortable with it, each process from then on out will be easier to complete.

Also, the Furminator large yellow defurring tool will help family members cope with their pet hair allergy. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, but especially for your pet.

Kong ZoomGroom

Taking care of your dog is much more than giving them food and water. Adding a little tender loving care can go a long way, especially when it comes to grooming and bathing. The Kong ZoomGroom is a grooming and shampooing brush that removes loose hair and stimulates the capillaries. Dogs love the feel of the Kong ZoomGroom, because it’s natural rubber properties.

The Kong ZoomGroom is a universal tool for any breed of dog. Whether they have a silky, coarse, or thick coat, the Kong ZoomGroom can be used to reduce shedding and bring out the natural oil production of your dog’s skin. This promotes healthier skin and a shinier coat for your furry friend.

Sometimes it’s difficult to brush a pet, because it’s just not comfortable. In fact, if your pet has a bad experience, they will relate the experience to your brush. This only makes things more difficult, but with a Kong ZoomGroom, they will enjoy being brushed.

One of the primary benefits to this grooming tool is its abilities in the bathtub. Whenever your pet needs a bath, simply pull out the Kong ZoomGroom. While its main benefit is removing dead fur, it can also bring a nice lather to your pet’s coat. This helps break up clumps and remove tangles.

Sometimes it’s difficult to give your pet a bath. Most dogs do not like having the water on and watching it fill up the tub. This makes dogs nervous, which usually results in anxiety. The Kong ZoomGroom provides comfort, which most pets enjoy. They will sit calmly and allow you to get the job done in a shorter period of time. During the bathing, be sure to tell them how well they are doing. Positive acknowledgements can go a long way in the bathtub.

While the Kong ZoomGroom does not have a handle, it’s easy to grip from the backside of the brush. Dog owners can find comfort in knowing they are providing their pet with a healthy alternative to bathing, and your pet will love every minute of it.

Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush

Brushing a dog from time to time should be considered a necessity. However, finding the right grooming tool can be difficult. The Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush is one of the exceptions to the rule. It’s soft pad and flexible pins can protect your pet’s skin. It also provides a simple way of removing loose hair and keeping your pet from shedding all over the house.

The Miracle Coat Slick Dog Brush is primarily used for breeds with double coats, but it works well with all breeds. Users will enjoy the cushioned grip for more comfort during brushing. Miracle Coat offers this benefit so you can prevent hand and wrist strain during each session. It also comes with a larger head for owners with larger dogs. The end result is a shiny coat for your pet and a de-shedding benefit for you and your home.

Product dimensions are 8.5 x 4.8 x 2.2 inches, so owners can get the job completed faster. It’s the perfect solution for dogs with thinner hair, but it’s a bit more difficult with double coat breeds. Regardless, all pets love the feel of the Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush. You might have to introduce it to them the first couple times, but once they start to enjoy the brushing session, it won’t be hard to do another one.

The Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush is great for dogs with curly fur. Most brushes tend to stop and jerk when de-shedding these breeds, but this grooming tool gets through the coat every time.

Dogs with matted fur and tangles can become unhealthy as a result. A grooming tool like the Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush offers a simple way to remove mats, tangles, and loose hair from their undercoats. Your dog will feel more comfortable throughout the day, and even show you how happy he or she is because you did a little de-shedding.

Miracle Coat has been around for years and customers still enjoy the benefits today. If you’re looking for an easy way to de-shed your furry friend, this grooming tool could be the wisest choice.

Lil Pals Slicker

The Lil Pals Slicker is a grooming tool for smaller dogs, primarily puppies and toy breeds. This brush comes with tipped pins to keep from irritating your dog’s skin, but still remove mats, tangles, and loose hair gently. Here are some of the dog breeds the Lil Pals Slicker works best on:

* Chihuahua
* Dachshund (mini)
* Papillion
* Pinscher (mini)
* Pomeranians
* Poodle (toy)
* West Highland Terrier
* Yorkshire Terrier

When grooming your dog, always be sure to run the Lil Pals Slicker with their hair. Going against the grain can be quite painful for them, especially if they haven’t experienced any type of brushing session.

You don’t want a grooming tool that will scratch or cut your dog’s skin either. The Lil Pals Slicker is a gentle option for any type of coat. In most cases, dogs enjoy being brushed when using the Lil Pals Slicker.

Dog owners should always de-shed their little ones from time to time. The Lil Pals Slicker removes loose hair, straightens tangles, and even helps reduce clumps and mats. If you have a dog that sheds, the Lil Pals Slicker can eliminate some of the clean-up.

Users can also enjoy the brushing other pets like rabbits and cats. The gentle approach leaves your pet happy and makes their topcoat look shiny. It’s also a great way to bring out your dog’s natural oil production. This will make your dog’s skin look and feel healthier.

It’s a grooming tool that might take some getting use to in the beginning, but the Lil Pals Slicker dog brush will have your pets wanting more. If you want to reduce the amount of shedding that takes place in your home, this groom tool can help contain the problem. Plus, the Lil Pals Slicker makes it much easier for you to clean your home.

Furminator Tubnub

When it’s time to give your dog a bath, getting them clean can be a difficult task. You have to understand the anxiety they’re feeling, especially if this is the first time you’re bathing them. One way to calm them down is by using the Furminator Tubnub. This grooming tool is designed to massage their body while shampooing and conditioning their coat. When a dog is bathed correctly, any loose hair will be removed.

Using the Furminator Tubnub requires a gentle circular motion when using it on your dog. Don’t spend a lot of time in one area either or it will become raw. However, the Furminator Tubnub can be used at any time. It comes with a no-slip handle, 6-inches in length, and a triangle-shaped head for maximum efficiency.

While shampooing your pet is a hygiene necessity, it’s also important to de-shed them from time to time. The Furminator Tubnub can be used to grab all the loose hair within your dog’s undercoat. It makes their skin healthier, their coat shinier, and keeps mats or tangles from developing. Without a grooming tool like this, mats and tangles can become quite irritating.

When a clump of hair is matted together it can attract debris and insects. Eventually it also pinches the skin of your dog. This is a painful situation, so make sure you cut it out or use the Furminator Tubnub to get rid of the matted area. Tangles aren’t nearly as bad, but they can still be menacing. If you use the Furminator Tubnub on your dog early and often, they will truly enjoy what you’re doing for them.

Don’t forget, using a Furminator Tubnub also keeps your home sanitary. Instead of spending hours cleaning up dog hair on every piece of furniture, the Tubnub will reduce the shedding when used in the bathtub. It’s just a more convenient way to care for your dog.

Chris Christianson T Brush

De-shedding a dog can take its toll on your body. If you care for your pet on a frequent basis, it’s possible you’ve developed “tired wrist” or carpal tunnel syndrome as a result. The Chris Christianson T Brush is a unique choice that eliminates these issues. It utilizes less wrist movement than your standard pin brushes, which keeps you from breaking a sweat or developing pain.

The pins on the Chris Christianson T Brush are ground and polished before hitting the market. This technology in addition to the Stainless Steel approach can help reduce and eliminate hair breakage. It’s also a great way to get rid of skin irritation.

The Chris Christianson T Brush has a Beechwood body that is lightweight. It’s a bigger brush then most of its competitors, especially the 7 inch handle. In order to provide dog owners with the highest amount of comfort possible, they felt the length of the handle was necessary. When brushing your dog, the head of the brush will cover a lot of ground in a hurry. It reaches 5 inches in width and 1 1/2 inches vertical. Most importantly, this will not scratch your dog’s skin.

If you have a breed with a medium to long coat, the pins used on the Chris Christianson T Brush are ideal. It’s also extremely durable, so there will be plenty of value present if you purchase this grooming tool. Also, you can reduce the amount of tangles and mats your dog develops. Just make sure you introduce your pets to the Chris Christianson T Brush and do so in a gentle manner.

Another benefit to this grooming tool is its ability to keep your dog’s skin and coat looking their best. If you tend to brush your dogs two or three times a week, the Chris Christianson T Brush is a smart choice. One of their main staples is being able to fight through thick coats with ease. It’s something your dog might fight at first, but he or she gets to feel the Chris Christianson in action, they will always want to be brushed.

Oster Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake

When you first see the Oster Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake, it doesn’t have a lot of appeal. It looks more like something you would see in the dentist office before they start working in your mouth. However, this 18-teeth wide grooming tool was specifically designed for coarse hair. Ideally, it’s designed for larger dogs with thick undercoats.

The first time you use the Oster Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake, be sure to take a gentle approach. It can easily remove dead and loose hair from your dog’s undercoat, while dealing with minimal cutting. We like to think of this grooming tool as the smart choice for shaping, finishing, thinning, or de-shedding.

You never want your dog dealing with skin irritation and neither do the creators of this device. The Oster Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake has rounded ends to keep your pet safe and help prevent skin problems.

It’s important to groom your dog on a consistent basis. This keeps them from developing tangles in their hair or mats that become painful. This coarse rake can provide a hand-stripped finish in minutes, and leave your dog feeling more comfortable throughout the day.

One of the biggest benefits associated with the Oster Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake is its ability to grab all the loose and dead hair without stress to your dog. Users will also see the benefits after the first use when their dog’s coat shines like never before.

If there are any issues with the Oster Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake, it’s the handle. While it is comfortable and proficient, it could become loose from continuously using it. However, it’s easy to tighten if you have a hex Allen wrench. The next time you try this grooming tool on your dog, don’t be surprised if your pet looks thinner. The Oster Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake takes out all the excess hair, and leaves the dog looking great.

Conair slicker

Sometimes dog owners are not always looking for the best brush for de-shedding. While the Conair Slicker can definitely compete with all the other brands out there, it has something more beneficial to your pet. Many consumers have said that the Conair Slicker is the gentlest brush available today for every dog breed.

The Conair Slicker utilizes an exclusive gel grip handle for user comfort, and also specialized comfort tips for an extra gentle feel for your pet. When using this grooming tool it will eliminate tangles and mats from any dog’s coat. Even if you have a breed with curly fur, the Conair Slicker can get through the coat and remove any loose or dead hair.

Keeping your dog looking its best, starts with de-shedding. A brush like the Conair Slicker will have an immediate impact on the shine of your dog’s coat, as well as the health of their skin. In fact, if you have a smaller dog with sensitive skin, we highly recommend the Conair Slicker. We have tried it on several different dogs (including our own), and they all love to feel the rubber tipped bristles through their hair.

Also, the tips and bristles provide an ample amount of flexibility. This allows you to brush with the hair of your dog and give them a very enjoyable experience. It’s almost hypnotic, because the next time you pull out this grooming tool, most dogs will get excited to have it running over their back and belly. Just make sure you don’t brush the same area for an extended period of time or else you could end up giving your dog a raw spot.

If you need a grooming tool that never has a chance to hurt your pet, the Conair Slicker is a wise choice.

Furbuster Deshedding Tool

Dealing with pet hair all over the furniture and carpet can be a big hassle. It’s almost impossible to keep everything clean unless you have an outside dog or one that sits in its crate all day. However, the Furbuster Deshedding Tool can reduce and eliminate the amount of shedding that goes on in your home.

When you use the Furbuster Deshedding Tool, it takes the time to remove any loose hair from your cat or dog’s body. By using a Stainless Steel Blade, your dog’s undercoat will feel great and look shiny. This grooming tool also comes with a universal handle for added comfort and appeal. The blade is also interchangeable. All you have to do is unsnap the current blade and snap the new one into place.

Users will enjoy reduced wrist strain thanks to the sleek, angled design present. If you have a pet that always wants to run when they see a brush, the Furbuster Deshedding Tool can get the job done quickly. However, most pets love this grooming tool and enjoy every minute of their brushing.

Another feature associated with the Furbuster Deshedding Tool is its “press and release” head. This is not only helpful when you change blades, but it’s nice to use when the sizes need to be switched.

Instead of paying $100 to have your dog groomed at the local grooming shop, consider the Furbuster Deshedding Tool. In fact, you might have already seen these grooming tools being used at your local grooming spot. They are extremely beneficial when it comes to controlling your dog’s shedding habits.

If you use the Furbuster Deshedding Tool every week, it will save you hours worth of time, cleaning the furniture, carpet, and everything else in the house that has dog or cat hair on it. The best place to start is in the bath. When your dog is lathered up with shampoo, gently stroke their body with the Furbuster Deshedding Tool. By the time you’re finished, they will look like they just came from the groomer.

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